78 D&D5e: Doors 25 “Homicidal Giggle”

February 6th, 2017

I did not see this comming. 


Biddy - Ruh the Psychopathic Human Fey Pact Warlock/Druid and Phus, a psudodragon familiar
Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Sociopathic Gnome Lore Bard/Cleric
Dave: - Jace, Murderhobo Human Way of the Fist Monk/Barbarian
Paul - DM, Aghast

Sound effects by Battlebards https://battlebards.com/
Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six.
Sad Things on Index Cards: http://www.riverhousegames.com/

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